Live Artfully.

offering interior architecture & furnishing, UNdesign partners with you to radically rethink your space, encouraging you pursue your passions and invite your own narrative in. Let go of the conventional trappings of interior design and embrace the unexpected. create useful and irreverent spaces.

ONe’s immediate environment can truly be a creative framework that supports your continued growth. Choose activity over stagnation. We believe in supporting what developmental psychologist Erik Erikson calls generativity, or “making your mark” on the world through creating or nurturing things that will outlast an individual. Our practice directly addresses how your space can support your generativity.

UNdesigning your space allows the freedom to construct a more fluid, evolving and multi-functional environment that tosses formality to the wind and abandons staged versions of how we are expected to use space.

Our practice specializes in small personal spaces to complex multi-user facilities. We draw from innovative materials, technologies, furnishings, and user-experience insight to deliver activated environments.

design for generativity & play.



How are you currently using (or not using) your space? As a place to create and thrive, or as a stage set for a life that is on hold? What do you want to be doing/creating in your home or work space?

Tell us about you, your routine, and aspirations. Share pictures, memories, favorite things. Everyday objects. Artwork.

We’ll bring a tactile collection of materials for you to play with, where you can explore ideas of what you love and what makes you feel energized and vibrant.

Art & Science. Back at our studio, we’ll create a new direction for you and your space. The plan will combine your vision and utilitarian needs with our experience, ingenuity, and research. 

Concept & Craftsmanship.
We deliver to you a detailed plan and expert project management for a space that can fully support your passions and your wellbeing. Our expert team of artisans and builders will roll up their sleeves to transform your space into one where you’ll thrive.




AS A Creative Director of a handful of home furnishing brands such as DWR, Williams Sonoma and Smith & Noble, she has an eye for humanizing spaces. Her sweet spot is transforming homes or work spaces to feel less about perfection and more about living a creative life. She is an artist and a designer who believes your space should to allow for generativity and making a mess, not just for passive consumption. She has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts.


From a family tradition of architects, designers, engineers, and artists, she studied art at Wellesley College and earned a degree in architecture from U.C. Berkeley. She breathes life into residential and hospitality projects throughout the world. Brenda's adventuresome spirit and ability to utilize the unexpected beauty of materials is a catalyst for big ideas. Her super-charged sparks of inspiration, depth of technical knowledge, and resources set your vision apart.


san francisco, CA