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live & work artfully

self-actualize your space

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Located in San Francisco, California

UNdesignME was born out of kindred spirits aiming to help individuals and organization UNdesign their spaces. Then we help re-construct a more fluid, evolving and multi-functional environment that tosses the formality and trappings of how we are expected to use space to the wind, and invites your own narrative in. 

Rethink how you live and work.
How are you using your space? As a place to create and thrive, or as a stage set for a life that is on hold? What do you dream of doing/creating in your home or work space?

Let’s have a conversation
Tell us about you, your dreams, your routine, and ambitions. Share pictures, memories, favorite things - special treasures, everyday objects, and artwork.

Play in a Sandbox
We’ll bring a tactile sandbox of materials for you to play with, where you can explore ideas of what you love and what makes you feel energized and vibrant.

A special blend of Art & Science
Back at our studio, we’ll create a design direction for you and your space, based on your inspirations, and on our best design practices, ingenuity, and research. 

Define a vision & execute with craftsmanship
We deliver to you a book of ideas for how your space can support your well being and your passions. And a workable plan to make it happen. Our expert team of artisans and builders will roll up their sleeves to transform your space into one where you’ll thrive.


generativity mission

Your space can either constrain or enable creativity. 

UNdesignME believes in supporting what developmental psychologist Erik Erikson calls generativity, refering to "making your mark" on the world through creating or nurturing things that will outlast an individual. Our process directly addresses how your space can support your generativity, and suppress stagnation. 




my home is now a space i can be
creative in and not fuss over.