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cultivate you

self-actualize your space


located in san francisco

UNdesignME was born out of kindred spirits aiming to help individuals and organization UNdesign their spaces, to then construct more fluid, evolving and multi-functional environments that toss the formality and trappings of how we are expected to use space, and invite your own narrative in. What actions and creations do you want to experience in your space?, and  How do you want to live and/or work? are the framing questions we ask you. Knowing we evolve as individuals and organizations, so should your space. We plan for this. 



Your space can either constrain or enable creativity. 

UNdesignME believes in supporting what developmental psychologist Erik Erikson calls generativity, REFERRING to "making your mark" on the world through creating or nurturing things that will outlast an individual. Our process directly addresses how your space can support your generativity, and suppress stagnation. 




my home is now a space i can be
creative in and not fuss over.